Friday, 28 February 2014

What Garden Lights Should I Go For?

When it comes to garden lights there certainly isn't a shortage of choice, which can often make choosing your lighting a difficult decision. The best thing to do is to first decide what purpose you want the lights to achieve, then when you have a selection of the most suitable lighting you can choose what style you prefer!

There are many reasons for wanting to add some lighting to your garden and outdoor areas, a few of these are security, decoration, visibility and of course for partying.


In recent years it has become more and more popular for people to have security lighting in either (or both) their front and rear garden areas, and you will no doubt have noticed a number of houses on your street with lights that turn on as you walk past them in the dark.

This type of lighting is in fact a proven deterrent for burglars and it is clear to see why, no burglar would be able to sneak unnoticed into a house that’s garden is lit up; so it is really no wonder that they have become so popular!

Flood and area lighting can not only detect or deter intruders but it can make you feel safer and it is important that everyone feels safe in their own home.


Especially during the summer month’s people want to spend as much time as possible outdoors, with warmer evenings it is nice to be able to spend time eating and drinking in your garden. Decorative lighting will not only make your patio, terrace or lawn look lovely but it will also enable you to spend this time outdoors without being in the dark!

Another form of decorative lighting is landscape lighting, this is a fantastic way of making your garden look stunning and highlighting parts that you want to stand out; it can even make your garden look dramatic, especially if you have a larger garden with lots of plants or trees.

During the festive season lighting is a popular way of turning your outdoor space into a Christmas haven, either with lights on the house itself or in the general garden area.


At night it can be tricky to see exactly where paths and driveways go or even where a patio or terrace ends and the grass areas begin. By lighting the edges of these paths, driveways or patios you can improve visibility and make walking around these areas a little easier.

As well as aiding visibility, this kind of lighting can also make the areas look more attractive and give your outdoor areas a certain charm.
Party Lighting

Festoon lighting is perfect for when you need your outdoor areas lit up for a party, as well as being practical they also act as decorations!

There are likely to be many times throughout the year when you are going to host a party: New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas, the list goes on!

Both white lights and coloured lights are a popular choice for outdoor party lighting, and both are sure to get everyone in the party spirit as well as making the area look more attractive and of course enabling people to see!

Once you know what category to choose from you do of course still have plenty to choose from, whether you want modern or classic styles, white or coloured lights; but unfortunately no one can tell you which is best for you, it is all down to personal taste.

For an extensive selection of garden lights, The Garden Lighting Shop is an excellent choice and once you’ve visited the site, if you still can’t decide which are most suitable for your needs don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of the team would be happy to help and advise you.

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