Tuesday, 6 October 2015

5 jobs to get done in the garden this autumn!

We hate to admit it, but the summer days are well and trying coming to a close. As we wave goodbye to the long evenings lounging in the garden, we must turn our attention to preparing and tending to our gardens for the cooler months.

So what can you do to keep your garden looking kempt this autumn? Here are our 5 essential garden jobs you should get done this autumn...

1 – Cut those hedges!

We recommend pruning your hedges for the last time in autumn to prevent decaying if damp should accumulate. Only cut deciduous hedges back as far as you can without creating any holes, as these will not grow back over the winter months, which will leave the hedge looking bare.

2 – Prep those Lawns!

During the winter the wet weather, low temperatures and feeble sunshine all affect your lawn – which is why they need some TLC before the cold spell begins! When the autumn leaves start to fall, they should be cleared from the lawn regularly so not to deprive your lawn of light. We recommend that you mow your lawn for the last time around the beginning of November, and be sure not to cut in shorter than 5cm, as longer grass can make better use of less sunlight.

3 - Protect those plants

Plants that are sensitive to frost, including beds and roses, should be covered with twigs, branches and leaves - or wrapped in bubble wrap. We recommend bringing any pot plants indoors or place them in a sheltered position to protect.

4 - Frost damage prevention

So that frozen water cannot cause any damage, it’s a good idea to switch off any water connections, empty taps and watering devices you have for the colder months. If you have any water features, dismantle any pumps and, if necessary, install an anti-ice pump.

5 - Lights

We could write a whole blog without mentioning garden lighting, could we? Now is the time to make your garden glow with beautiful outdoor lighting. Our range of garden lighting includes floodlights, security lighting, wall lights, garden lanterns as well as festoon lights and decking solutions! Having worked in commercial outdoor lighting for over 40 years, manufacturing and supplying exterior lighting and street furniture to councils, architects & designers, we really know the ins and outs of garden lighting!

We’re passionate about garden lights and landscape lighting and are more than happy to offer you some of the best inside tips and suggestions from our previous projects.

If you want to add a glow to your garden this autumn give us a call - 01773 541 003

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