Friday, 3 October 2014

All Hallows Eve lighting

You may be forgiven for thinking that Halloween is a staunchly horrific American tradition, the crazy costumes, pranks, menace and decorations surrounding the occasion may all sound like child’s play but the concept of Halloween is becoming very firmly established this side of the Atlantic.

Gone are the days of considering the commonly regarded Pagan holiday as an excuse to prey on the gullible and here are the days where All Hallows Eve is one of the most highly anticipated holidays of the year!

With this in mind, the arrival of October can only mean one thing: getting your costume, ghoulish masks, make-up and pumpkins at the ready, with the next step deciding what you will be doing to celebrate.

If you’re past the age of 12, it is likely trick or treating is off the cards, which can only mean one thing – party!

Autumnal evenings provide the perfect backdrop to create your own scarefest, still dark nights, and rustling leaves, but are they enough to create the right setting? Whether you opt to host your party, indoors, outdoors or both, having the right lighting to set the perfect mood, tone and atmosphere will be vital to ensuring your Halloween party is enough to keep your guests talking until next Halloween – if they get to see the night through...

At The Garden Lighting Shop, we understand that Halloween is mostly about the sensory experience, the sights, the smells and the sounds.

All of our festoon, party and LED rope lights provide perfect opportunities to enhance one of these senses and can be used both in and outdoors, easily fixed and removed, making them re-usable all year round.

Here we bring you our guide to the three types and how they can be used to set the eerie stage for your themed party:

Festoon lights
With a variety of colours and brightness of LED lamps to choose from, our 240v mains operated festoon lights are robust and can be applied in either domestic or commercial fittings indoors or outdoors to illuminate marquees, gazebos, or a festive Halloween display if you wish to draw particular attention to something spooky.

The added bonus of the lights from our ranges is that you can fully customise the length and harness materials to be shaped around your requirements, so that if you want to make them a more permanent fixture to withstand all weather conditions, you can.

LED Rope lights

Seamless to hang and with enhanced flexibility for simple shaping and moulding our ranges of LED rope lights offer excellent versatility. In a great choice of colours, you can also decide just how bright or dim you want the festivities at your Halloween gathering to be. Do you want to recreate the ambience of candlelight or illuminate some of your garden fittings such as ornaments or statues to create lurking shadows that offer elements of mysteriousness?

Party Lights

Low voltage and long lasting for energy efficiency and practicality, our party lights are made from LED shatterproof lamps which are available in a variety of styles from coloured lanterns through to replica oil lamps and warm coloured bulbs making them ideal for displays and generic decoration for application throughout a series of festive events throughout the year in or out doors.

If you want to achieve atmosphere at your party as a temporary fixture then these lights offer perfect malleability to be shaped or hung elegantly or eerily.

With a range of lighting solutions to choose from at The Garden Lighting Shop we’re leaving it up to you whether you want to give your  friends and family a trick or treat this Halloween. Contact us today to discuss your lighting needs, we’re always happy to help.

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