Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Festive festoons

Although many of us have plenty of experience when it comes to creating festive cheer with Christmas decorations, each year always seems to bring about something new in the way of wreaths, tree hangings and ornaments.

Every Christmas tree has its fair share of lights, having become an integral part of modern day Christmas experiences ever since their first invention in 1882, when Thomas Edison decided Christmas needed that extra sparkle when he decided to hang his innovative light bulbs outside his home. But what about going that extra mile this festive year and making your home stand out by unleashing your Christmas spirit, marking the path for Santa or illuminating a particular display?

Whether at home or in your workplace, our range of lighting solutions offer cost-effective, weather-proof, energy-saving solutions which are brighter, more varied and even customisable to your needs.
Choose between festoon lights or party lights for that extra sparkle whether hanging, shaping or displaying objects, ornaments or decorations.

A clever marketing tactic, festoon and party lights can even be used to attract buyers during their Christmas shop or create a festive ambience during Christmas parties.

From beautiful symbolic shapes right through to festoon and LED drapes, you can create a Christmas display for your home or business that will be bigger and better than last year with our range of lights.

Whether you want temporary fittings or more permanent fixtures we can advise on the right fittings for you without pulling on the purse strings.
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