Friday, 23 January 2015

Lighting your garden couldn't be easier.

Our most recent product to hit the store is our Easy Connect lighting system.  If you have ever wanted a relay of lights ranging from spots to standing lanterns then this is the product for you.

The Easy Connect circuit can light up your whole garden from just one power source. You won’t need multiple adapters from your house electrics which risk getting wet.

It begins with the first cable being plugged into a mains connection. From there you’ll attach either a T-bar, Y-bar or X-bar connector and from that your first light, maybe it’ll be a tower pedestal lamp at the beginning of your pathway. From the spare slot from the first connector you’ll attach another extension cable, then connector and another light.

These products are safe, quick and simple to install and operate utilizing a quality range of double insulated light fittings. This means they are safe to use in any weather. There is no risk of shock even when touching the fittings whilst they are plugged in.

Due to the connecting nature of these lights they can span up to far distances. If you have to light a large area perhaps landscape gardens then Easy Connect can cover up to 300meters with no need for a transformer.

To have full control over your circuit of lights, simply connect a control unit at the beginning. The lights can then be turned on and off with ease and can also be dimmed with a remote.

A selection of lights is available to be connected to the system from spots to lanterns to tall lamps. This can be further customised by the use of coloured bulbs to create a unique colour setting.

You can purchase the EasyConnect lighting and accessories here or read more information on the product on our website.  If you would like to find out more about outdoor lighting, contact us on 01773 541 003.

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