Thursday, 12 February 2015

Romantic mood lighting...

As February is the month of love, hosting the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, we’ve been thinking about the power lighting can have when setting a romantic setting. The right outdoor lighting really can turn a dull, unimpressive garden into a glowing wonderland, helping to melt even the hardest of hearts. The usual choice for setting a romantic mood it through the use of candles, but they are not always suitable for use outdoors. Particularly in the great British weather where a light breeze can blow candles out in a second, leaving you back at square one, or worse, in the dark! 

Here at The Garden Lighting shop we are experts in garden and landscape interior lighting, and we believe that we can help turn your garden into your own little love retreat. 
Here are some of our suggestions –

Solar Lights
Solar lights are an excellent choice for creating a romantic ambience. As the night approach, our solar lights automatically blink on, illuminating the garden and eliminating any interrupt in conversation. Be sure to check out our selection.

Flood lighting
Landscape lighting can have a dramatic effect on the look of your garden; it can turn a plain and boring garden into somewhere stunning that you will want to spend all your time with your loved one. There are many reasons for wanting to install flood and area lighting in your outdoor spaces, to light up paths and driveways, to illuminate decking or patio areas or even to highlight certain features, and they are guaranteed to set a romantic tone to your garden.

Hanging Lights/Party string lights
String lights are perfect for mapping out a romantic walk around the garden, or for decorating an area for a romantic meal. We have a varied and beautiful range of hanging lights including our Green Coloured Lantern Party Light . Ideal for a starry-eyed evening this attractive set of green coloured plastic replica oil lantern party light set are each equipped with a warm white, long lasting and economical LED light source.

We evening supply lighting solutions for weddings! Our festoon lighting and outdoor party lights come in a variety of lengths and styles. They offer a quick, economical and effective solution to providing pretty and atmospheric lighting to the most important day of your life. Our quality lighting harness is built to our own high specification and designed to fulfil the demand for use within Marquees and Weddings offering a practical, attractive and unobtrusive lighting scheme. 

At The Garden Lighting shop we only sell brand new, high quality products direct from the manufacturer and all products offered on our website can be purchased directly from the site or by phoning us or if you wish you can send your orders by email, fax or letter.

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