Wednesday, 25 March 2015

4 simple ways to improve the look of your Garden

As we wave a relieved goodbye to winter and an eager hello to spring our attention starts to turn to outdoors and namely, to our gardens. Gardens? We bet you haven’t been in yours for a while, right? It’s a well known fact that in the winter months are gardens can become a distant memory, and can start to fade along with our sun-kissed skin.

So now is the time to get your garden back in shape and ready for the spring and summer months. Here are our top tips to improve the look of your garden with minimal effort!

Clear your pathways, decks and patios

The desolate winter months really can have a bad effect on your pathways and seating areas, leaving them looking tired and miserable. If you spend just one afternoon sweeping and cleaning up any dead leaves and rubbish, you will soon have your garden looking alive again. Check over your decking or patio areas if you have them and sweep up any debris.

Get weeding!

Let’s face it, we ALL hate weeding. It’s time consuming, tiring and boring! It’s no one’s favourite job, favourite job, but putting in a little elbow grease on Sunday afternoon really can make the world of a difference in your garden. 

Clean, scrub and polish!

Have good clean. Rake over gravelled areas and pick up any bits of gravel that have found their way on to lawns and borders. Give your patio furniture a good scrub down and check over and clean barbeques and grills so they are ready for use. Check your fences, trellises and pergolas. These spend much of the year concealed behind climbing plants and foliage so it’s a good idea to check that they are in good order and make any necessary repairs or replacements!

Sort out your LIGHTING!

Last and (we think) most importantly of all – sort out your garden lighting! The right lighting in garden really can transform it form dull to delightful. From pretty hanging lights to coloured LED lighting, we have it all at The Garden Lighting Shop and we are proud of our selection. We know how to make your glow like it deserves to, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for some advice. We are MORE than happy to help with all of your lighting needs! 

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