Thursday, 21 May 2015

A few of our favourite colourful lights

Sometimes coloured lights can look tacky and unattractive, but here at the Garden lighting shop we have a fantastic range of high quality lighting options the can add a touch of colour to your outdoor space that are far from tacky.

We thing subtle colours in garden lights are best, and these options give a glow that with look stunning in any garden!

1. Extendable Rubber Festoon Harness with Coloured Golf Ball Lamps
Ideal for both permanent and temporary outdoor lighting schemes such as festive displays, outdoor parties, patios, weddings and all manner of other functions.
Code: C25/15COLGOLF
Price: £57.00

2. Low Voltage Coloured Mini Lantern Party Light Set
Code: 4164-500
Price: £29.95
A popular product for outdoor party and festive applications! This set consists of 40 miniature lanterns with coloured lenses, spaced every 250mm offers a 9.75m lighting display.

3. Coloured Dichroic Halogen Lamps
Available in five vibrant colours, these 12v Pro-colour Dichroic Low Voltage lamps are suitable for interior and exterior applications. The colour surface of the glass will not crack or flake offering constant colour throughout the life of the lamp at a 38 deg beam angle!
Price: £2.95

4. Coloured Festoon Lamps
These lamps are suitable for 2330 Commercial Grade Festoon Harness, available is red, blue, yellow and green, creating a beautiful multi coloured glow!
Code: 2683-521
Price: £1.25

5. Shatter Resistant Compact Miniature Floodlight
This miniature highly efficient floodlight is offered with an RGB auto change led light source offering energy efficient automatic colour changing lighting at its very best. Great for interesting and effective illumination of landscapes, facades and architectural features both indoors and out.
Code: FL10MC
Price: £31.65

6. Shatter Resistant 10w Coloured LED Compact Miniature Floodlight

This range of miniature highly efficient floodlights is offered with a choice of decorative coloured led light sources offering the opportunity to create stunning coloured lighting effects. Ideal for the illumination of landscapes areas, facades and architectural features! A choice of red, blue, yellow and green is available. 

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