Thursday, 18 June 2015

Lighting solutions for small gardens

If you want to enjoy your garden after dark, lighting is the obvious answer! However it can be difficult to get the balance of light and shade right, especially in a smaller outdoor space. Here are some of our top tips for lighting a smaller garden...

LED lights are long-lasting and cost effective to run. They work really well as recessed lights in paving and decking, highlighting steps and changes in level on or around the house and terrace.

Used in moderation, they work well to highlight pots and planters. The probably won’t provide enough light to dine out or entertain by, but used in combination with other lights in the garden they can work really well.

Plants tend to soak up light in a small garden, and it’s surprising how much it takes to highlight a plant or tree effectively! It’s important to highlight plants properly. Uplights, like these Garden Spotlights, are the best for highlighting plants. These are perfect suitable for the illumination flower beds, shrubs and plants effectively in a smaller garden.

String lights are perfect for mapping out an area or for decorating in a small garden, and can be used to great effect. The smaller your garden is the less bright, harsh lighting you will need. The effect you should try to achieve when lighting your small garden is not one of a harsh glare of light over the entire scheme, but one where points of interest are highlighted.

From pretty hanging lights to coloured LED lighting, we have it all at The Garden Lighting Shop and we are proud of our selection. We know how to make your small garden glow like it deserves to! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for some advice.


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